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The Montana Happiness Project

The Montana Happiness Project began when we realized that the opposite of an attempted or completed suicide is a meaningful, well-lived life. We teach professionals how to engage in suicide assessment, intervention, and prevention focusing on strengths while also teaching evidence-based happiness strategies everyone can use to live more fulfilling lives.

The Montana Happiness Project trains and supports professionals to offer strength-based positive assessment and suicide intervention strategies.  In our trainings we address many of the myths surrounding suicide that create barriers for professionals who would like to improve their comfort and capacity to engage with anyone considering suicide. Our website, workshops, videos, publications, and consultation groups are tools for learning more about positive psychology, and its role in helping people live happier lives.

We believe mindsets matter. When someone reports feeling suicidal, the natural reaction is to think, “What’s wrong?” Instead of focusing too narrowly on what’s wrong, our holistic, strengths-based approach to working with youth and adults who are considering suicide provides an array of positive tools for mental health professionals, educators, physicians, and first-responders.