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After-Hours Telemedicine by Montana Pediatricians

Montana Pediatrics is working to ensure that there is never a time when Montana families are alone with a worry about their child’s health. We embrace collaboration and the use of technology to offer after-hours telemedicine visits with Montana pediatricians who value continuity of care and supporting your child’s own doctor.

Montana Pediatrics was formed around the specific idea that we can do more for our patients when we work together than we can when we are isolated or alone. We were aware that families across Montana faced extremely limited options for pediatric-specific care on nights and weekends. We heard from families again and again that they wanted more than a phone call but wished they did not need to brave an expensive ER when they were worried about their child.

We also knew that alone we could not meet this need and that fewer and fewer doctors were choosing to practice as pediatricians in rural states. Grounded in data that dates back to the beginning of this century, that telemedicine offered by connected pediatricians as an extension of our offices is highly effective and safe, we came together as only Montanans can and began our after-hours collaboration. Together we can improve access to care for Montana families by Montana providers.

We use a technology called Ahana for every after-hours visit, which is safe, secure, and simple to use. Plus, if your child has a primary care provider, we’ll update them first thing in the morning, keeping everyone in the loop.

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