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Telehealth for Fort Peck Tribes School Based Health Centers

With the leadership of the Fort Peck Tribes’ Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) program as well as funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation we are supporting HPDP in bringing the highest quality, most accessible and most culturally relevant pediatric care to those they serve.

The Montana Pediatrics team has been so excited to be invited into the incredible work of the Fort Peck Tribes to improve the health of their community.  From food sovereignty to school-based and mobile dental care, Fort Peck Tribes’ Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) program has a long history of dedication and innovation in addressing health issues in northeast Montana. Utilizing funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we are working to build a quality, accessible, culturally grounded system for healthcare delivery on the Fort Peck Reservation by offering telehealth in partnership with local nurses and clinicians of all backgrounds.

The Montana Pediatrics’ providers offering this care are dedicated to the long-term health of the children of Ft. Peck and honoring the wisdom of the families we serve. The providers continually communicate to ensure the highest level of care while also partnering to overcome connectivity and technology challenges. We hope that through dedication, bi-directional learning, and dwelling at the intersection of technology and humanity, we can be part of a sustained solution to healthcare access and greater health equity for Fort Peck’s next generation.