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Common Questions from Parents and Providers

  • How much will a visit cost and what insurance plans are accepted?

    Montana Pediatrics strives to take all insurance plans in the state of Montana. The cost you will pay out of pocket if you have insurance depends on your insurance plan — we bill insurance the same amount you would pay for an uncomplicated visit in the office. Our commitment to you is that we will bill insurance first and then we will only charge the remaining out-of-pocket costs to the credit card on file. Families with Medicaid are not asked to enter a credit card as the majority of their costs are covered by Medicaid and we will contact you later if there is a small out-of-pocket charge (usually $3.00). If you do not have private insurance or Medicaid, you can have a Montana Pediatrics visit for $75.00.

    Further, as we believe every child in Montana should have access to high-quality pediatric care, if you cannot afford a standard visit, we have a robust Financial Assistance Policy for qualifying families that may reduce or eliminate your bill.

  • When are you open?

    Our goal is to make sure that families with medical concerns for their children are never alone in Montana. Please see our updated hours here.

  • What is the age limit to be seen here?

    We are able to see patients up to the age of 21 years old.

  • Who are the providers?

    You can see our list of providers here. We are all Montana pediatricians who believe that the children of Montana deserve the best access to care no matter what time of day it is or where they are located.

  • What if I am sent to the emergency department after my telemedicine visit?

    We hope this doesn’t happen, but this visit is similar to if you went to an in-person appointment and your doctor determined you needed to go to the hospital or ER. Our providers will contact the ER department that they are directing you to go to for care, so that the ER staff is aware of why you are coming in. We will also send the details and the plan to your child’s primary care doctor within 24 hours.

  • How will you communicate with my child’s own doctor?

    If your child’s doctor participates in Montana Pediatrics, they will receive an email alerting them to any visit you had here, as well as any specific details we feel are important for them to know right away. They have access to your visit note. If your provider is not a part of our network, we will reach out to them the day after your visit via fax or phone call.

    If your child’s doctor uses Montana Pediatrics in their own clinic, they are also able to add important information about your child’s health in our platform for the on-call doctor to see as well as work with you to create a shared plan of care for your child in case they need urgent or emergent care or have on-going medical concerns.

  • What if I am unsatisfied with my medical home? Can you refer me elsewhere?

    We want children to have the best possible care, and we want you to have a great relationship with your providers. We do not make referrals to other providers, but we encourage you to talk to your child’s doctor or find someone with whom you feel comfortable.

  • What if I do not have a PCP?

    Being seen through a Montana Pediatrics visit does not replace the value we see in your child having a primary care provider. To find a primary care provider, we can assist you by providing resources for how to find a doctor for your child in your area and you can always look on our list of participating providers to see if there is one near you. We may be biased, but we think this group is amazing!

  • Will I be able to see the note sent to my provider?

    As with all your medical records, you have the right to see all notes about your child’s medical care. You can request to see these notes from your primary care provider or if they are unable, we are happy to send them to you as well.

  • What if my insurance is billed and we have not reached our deductible? What should we expect?

    You should expect a Montana Pediatrics visit to be billed just like an uncomplicated clinic visit with your child’s doctor. The amount you pay here should be applied to your deductible for the year. As with all of our visits, if you need help financially covering your visit, please see our application for financial assistance.

  • What if I am unsatisfied with my care or I have something I want to tell you?

    Please let us know! We always want to do better. You can give provide feedback about your visit, your medical care, feedback about the technology, good or bad, and anything else you’d like us to know here.

  • What do you do with my child's medical information?

    When it comes to your health information, you have certain rights. Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

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