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The Meadowlark

Where hope is renewed for women, children, and families in Missoula

After Hours

The Meadowlark is a family housing center located in Missoula.  They work with unhoused families to find and maintain safe, stable housing and achieve self-sufficiency. Services include short-term emergency shelter in the Missoula Family Housing Center, case management, assistance with basic resources, and funding for rental assistance.  The Meadowlark is made possible due to the partnership of YWCA and the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative.  

Residents of the Meadowlark are most often seeking shelter there due to experiencing homelessness and/or fleeing domestic violence.

Two shelters are housed within the Meadowlark:  The Family Housing Center and the Pathways Shelter. 

Services we provide:
Montana Pediatrics will offer on-demand pediatric telemedicine visits to the families who live at the Meadowlark in Missoula. An Advocate will set up a mother and her children with a Montana Pediatrics/RCC account when they check-in to the facility. A visit can be initiated by a resident’s own personal device, or, Montana Pediatrics is providing the Meadowlark with one Microsoft Surface should a resident need to use one to access a visit in a private space. Each resident of the Meadowlark will indicate Meadowlark-Missoula as their insurance, regardless of coverage from Healthy Montana Kids or private insurance. They will not be asked to input a credit card for payment. 

On-site Resources:
Any special aid or consideration needed for Montana Pediatrics providers during or after a visit can be addressed with advocates located on site at the shelter.  

  • Advocates:  On-site advocates are staffed 24/7 – they are located on the first floor of each side of the shelter.  The advocate should be there at all times.  If they are not located in the office, they can be contacted via the phone numbers listed below.
    • What they handle:  Advocates handle crises that arise during the night and help with immediate needs like supplies or food.  They will also be the staff members to issue the residents a laptop/tablet upon request to access Montana Pediatrics, should it be requested.  
  • Transportation:   They do not have their own transportation, but advocates will help arrange transportation at any time.
  • Technology:  There is one Microsoft surface tablet and one Microsoft surface pro laptop available to the residents. Should you run into technology complications and a resident is using their own device, both the laptop and tablet are available for them to check out to use for a visit.

Important Phone Numbers:
Family Housing Center #:  406-550-3855
Pathways Shelter Advocate #:  406-542-1944