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From the Logan Health family to yours, now, access $0 out-of-pocket pediatric after-hours care

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Logan Health + Montana Pediatrics

We’re committed to caring for your family as if they are our own. That’s why we are proud to offer care from our innovative after-hours program, Montana Pediatrics, to all of our Logan Health employees at no cost, regardless of insurance coverage.

Now, access a Montana-based pediatric provider that will listen to your concerns, see, diagnose, and treat your child, all from the comfort of home. Plus, we'll make sure your child's PCP is looped in on all of the details.

So, whether it’s the middle of the night, a lazy Sunday morning, or after you get home from work, we are here for you with pediatric-specific care when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is care available?

    After-hours visits are accessible every evening, weekend, and holiday! A provider is available every weekday beginning at 6:00pm through 7:30am the next morning. On weekends, care is available all weekend long (6:00pm Friday through 7:30am Monday).
  • What ages of kids can be seen?

    Anyone from the ages of 0-21 can be seen via a Montana Pediatrics visits.
  • What kinds of care is this for?

    If your child is experiencing a true medical emergency, call 911. Otherwise, most concerns can be addressed an after-hours telemedicine visit. Common concerns we address include fevers, sore throats, stomach aches, rashes, RSV, Influenza, Hand Foot and Mouth, ear infections, Conjunctivitis, sinus infections, skin conditions, bumps, bruises, cuts, sprains, and more.
  • How much does a visit cost?

    For every Logan Health employee, the Montana Pediatrics after-hours program is available at no-cost. As a member of the Logan team, you should never receive a bill for care from Montana Pediatrics. If you do, please reach out to Jackie Dittman, our Clinical Operations Manager, at jdittmann@montanapediatrics.org.
  • Who are the providers?

    We are a collaborative of pediatric providers from across the state of Montana! We live here, work here, and raise our own families here. Many providers are from Logan Health, and all of them will communicate with your child's PCP after a visit. You can find the list of participating Montana Pediatrics providers at montanapediatrics.org/our-providers.
  • Who can I contact with questions or if I need something?

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to: April Malan, Chief Operations Officer: amalan@montanapediatrics.org Jackie Dittman, Clinical Operations Manager: jdittmann@montanapediatrics.org Kate Lufkin, Chief Communications Officer: klufkin@montanapediatrics.org
  • Can my friends or other family members receive care from Montana Pediatrics?

    Absolutely! Montana Pediatrics is on a mission to improve access to health care and health equity for ALL of Montana's children. Anyone can access a visit via montanapediatrics.org.