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Together, we can do more.

more for our patients. more for each other.

  • After Hours Urgent Care

    Our hope is you and your team can sleep through the night (or take a vacation - gasp!) without needing to take phone calls from families or worrying about your pediatric patients. One of your pediatric colleagues can handle your patient's needs while still maintaining an unwavering commitment to your own relationships. We always route all communication, follow-up care, and ancillary services directly back to you each morning. By meeting families where they are with video-visits from home, we're ensuring they have access to high-quality, low-cost care after hours, regardless of where they live. And by covering your clinic's pediatric call, we can alleviate some of the burnout your team is feeling and let them spend some uninterrupted time with their own family.

    Meet the after-hours team of providers
  • Integrated Behavioral Health

    We know mental and behavioral health services are desperately needed across our state. Earlier this spring, we surveyed and connected with more than _____ of Montana-based pediatric providers to better understand the landscape of services that are available. Drawing upon what we learned, we're currently launching a small pilot program for approximately 100 children, that should be complete by _______. We're hopeful that in partnership with primary care providers that together we can provide substantive, effective and accessible care for our state's children.

    Connect with Ashley Bennett, our Behavioral Health Program Manager
  • Rural and Urban Native American Communities

    Many Native children residing in communities that contend with under-addressed social determinants of health, trauma, and systemic racism remain chronically unserved due to a revolving door of physicians working in isolation and understaffed systems of care. Since early 2019, we have been providing high-quality, culturally-informed pediatric healthcare on the Fort Peck Reservation by offering school-based telehealth in partnership with the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Tribal Health Program. We've also recently started offering pediatric services in partnership with Rocky Boy Health Center and are also partnered with the Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center and the Little Shell Tribe.

    Fort Peck
  • Rural Complex Care Coordination

    In June 2022, we were honored to have received a HRSA grant in partnership with the University of Montana to establish a family-centered system of care for rural children with medical complexities. We've convened an incredible Community Advisory Board of families across the state who have shared their experiences of caring for a medically complex child in Montana and, together, we are designing what this care coordination program will look like. We're eager to expand this work beyond our small pilot in 2024 and will be growing our team to include more people who are passionate about innovative program design and caring for these families.

We hope to connect with you and your unique community so that together, we can do more.