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Together, we can do more

  • After Hours Urgent Care

    Did you know many Montana families feel as though the emergency department is their only option for care on evenings and weekends? Our network of Montana-based pediatric providers are working together to ensure families have a high-quality, low-cost pediatric-specific alternative for whenever provider offices are closed, regardless of where they live. Our hope is you can sleep through the night without worrying about your patients or taking after-hours call. While we help get families safely through the night, we maintain an unwavering commitment to all of your patient-provider relationships, routing all communication, follow-up care, and ancillary services directly back to you.

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  • Care Coordination for Montana's Children with Type 1 Diabetes

    In partnership with the Leona M. and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, we have recently started a two-year program to improve medical care for children in Montana with Type 1 Diabetes. The program will include Shared Plans of Care to link each patient's endocrinologist, primary care provider, school nurse, and guardians together to maintain consistent communication, foster collaboration, and better coordinate care. Earlier this summer we completed a Diagnosis and Care Experience Survey, collecting over 100 family impact stories about caring for children with T1D in Montana. We are eager to share these results later this fall and begin realizing a system where each child's medical providers are on the same page and easily accessible from home.

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  • Rural and Urban Native American Communities

    Many Native American communities in Montana have coped with a revolving door of physicians working in isolation and understaffed systems of care. As a result, many Native children residing in communities that contend with under-addressed social determinants of health, trauma, and systemic racism remain chronically unserved. Since early 2019, we have been providing high-quality, culturally-informed pediatric healthcare on the Fort Peck Reservation by offering school-based telehealth in partnership with the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Tribal Health Program. To date, Fort Peck families have saved driving over 661,000 miles for equal-quality pediatric care. We have recently grown relationships across the state and are excited to begin working with additional rural and urban communities.

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