Pediatric Telemedicine for Birds Nest Children

Quickly connect with a pediatric provider if you have health concerns for a child

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You must always check to see if the child has a completed telemedicine authorization form in their file. If the child does not have a completed telemedicine authorization form you can not use this service. A visit with Montana Pediatrics is not in replacement of a primary care physician and in no way serves to make any healthcare decisions on behalf of any child at The Birds Nest.


What is this used for?
When you have a true concern about symptoms or a behavior a child is displaying that makes you question whether a child can stay in school or not, you can connect with a pediatric provider for support.


What conditions/concerns can this help with?
Anything you feel might make you question if the child should stay in school or not. Common concerns include things like a cough, runny nose, eye discharge, vomiting, nausea, skin rash, bug bites, and minor injuries. If the child is experiencing a true medical emergency, follow The Birds Nest protocol.


Do I join the visit? Does the child’s guardian?
Yes! You will contact the child’s guardian based on the preference indicated on the child’s completed telemedicine authorization form. Some parents will want to be notified before a visit is requested, some may just want the link to join, and others will not want to be contacted until after the visit or only if their child needs to be picked up.


What are the intended outcomes of these visits?

  • To support parents
    • By determining if the child truly needs to be picked up early from care
    • With a health care provider’s lens in determining illness, injury, contagiousness, etc.
    • With necessary prescriptions to advance the speed of care without requiring any additional forms of in-person care (when appropriate)
    • With a “doctor’s note” should they need it to share with their employers
  • To support our staff
    • With measures to care for the child if they are able to stay at school
    • With the support from a health care provider’s lens in determining if a child is well or if there is concern for illness, injury, contagiousness, etc.
    • With support in communicating with the parent should the child need to be picked up and taken home early
    • With true, evidence-based communication around when a sick child can return to childcare


When can we use this?
Any time the child is in our care during the hours of availability listed above


Do we need to know if the child has health insurance to use this?
No! This service is run completely separate from health insurance. It is a service offered by, with, and through The Birds Nest.


Will a parent receive a bill from Montana Pediatrics if we use this service?
No! Families of The Birds Nest will never receive a bill for care from Montana Pediatrics or their individual health insurer because it is a service offered through The Birds Nest.


Can parents use this?
YES! Any family in Montana can access care from Montana Pediatrics’ on-demand care program. If a parent accesses care directly through Montana Pediatrics when they are home with their child, they will need to include health insurance information and may receive a bill for care. Montana Pediatrics has a generous financial assistance policy for any family seeking care for their child, which can be found at The $0 ability to request care during the day is only for The Birds Nest students when accessed by a member of The Birds Nest team.


Who are the providers?
Montana Pediatrics uses providers who are pediatric-specific in practice, many of which from the Flathead valley but who practice and live across the state. You can see all active providers at