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From the Allegiance family to yours, now, access $0 out-of-pocket pediatric after-hours care

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Allegiance + Montana Pediatrics

As a family company, we know kids often need care when the doctor’s office is closed. As a valued member of our team, we’re partnering with Montana Pediatrics to bring you evening and weekend telemedicine access to Montana-based doctors.

Connect with a Montana-based pediatric specialist right from home who will not only provide your child with high-quality care but will communicate visit details directly with your child’s primary care provider, creating a level of care continuity like never before.

Monday - Friday: 6:00pm-7:30am
Weekends: 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What ages of children can be seen?

    Montana Pediatrics can see anyone up to 22 years old
  • Who are the providers?

    Montana Pediatrics is a collaborative of pediatric-specific providers from across Montana who practice in hospitals and clinics across the state every day. Together, they are dedicated to increasing access to pediatric care and health equity for Montana’s children. You can find a list of providers at www.montanapediatrics.org/our-providers.
  • What kinds of care can this program be used for?

    If your child is experiencing a true medical emergency, always dial 911. For non-life-threatening needs, a Montana Pediatrics visit is a pediatric-specific alternative to urgent care. Typical after-hours visits include fevers, sore throats, stomach aches, rashes, RSV, COVID, influenza, Hand Foot and Mouth, ear infections, conjunctivitis, sinus infections, skin conditions and more. Even if you’re not sure what kind of care your child needs, an after-hours visit is always a great place to start.