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Type 1 Diabetes Care Coordination

Working to improve access to care, quality and cost of services, and the experience of rural healthcare

Here at Montana Pediatrics, our goal is to increase Type 1 Diabetes care, management, and support across the state through collaborative relationship building with families, patients, and Montana’s pediatric endocrinology specialists and ancillary support services – including school nurses, mental health professionals, and dietitians. 

Our goal is to implement an innovative and collaborative statewide model of virtual care for all children in Montana with Type 1 Diabetes that is sustainable and demonstrably improves quality, the total cost of care, access to care, and also the pediatric provider experience of practicing  medicine in a rural state.


Our Current Work:

Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Experience Study

Beginning in May we partnered with the University of Montana’s Rural Institute and the Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance to survey parents and caregivers of children with T1D about the diagnosis experience and their current care and management experiences. Results from the survey will be analyzed by researchers from The University of Pittsburgh and The University of Washington and will be used for the design and creation of a care coordination model specific to this population of children. This survey is now closed.


Montana School Nurse Diabetes Collaboration

In collaboration with Montana’s endocrinologists and diabetes experts, school nurses and Dr. Allison Pollock’s Diabetes in School Health (DiSH) program, we are working toward our goal of improving diabetes care in schools by encouraging pediatric diabetes experts and school nurses to connect and learn together. To learn more,  connect with Matthew Larsen, our Diabetes Program Manager.