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Ahana Health Technology Development

Montana Pediatrics was created around a vision that technology could empower groups of practicing pediatricians to work together to ensure high-quality virtual care to their collective communities. Ahana Health™ is the technology platform we use to offer care as a team and the place where we bring to life our vision of what telemedicine technology should be able to do for us and for our patients.

Ahana Health is a technology platform designed to bring pediatricians together to improve access to high quality care. Founded by Dr. Bodnar, the platform has come to life with the constant input of our community. We believe that technology should be created in concert with those who use it and it should be bold in how it is aspires to improve our fragmented healthcare system.

Guided by our community’s deep understanding of the need for improved care coordination for children in Montana, Ahana has grown its small “sign-out” function to a full feature that brings greater voice to families in the care of their children via the creation of cloud-based shared care plans.  The combined efforts have garnered amazing support from across Montanan and moved us to subsequent phases of a national challenge to improve the coordination of care for children.


Ahana’s platform strives to:

  • Make the lives of families easier
  • Improve the care options available to those in rural communities and with medical complexity
  • Provide tools for doctors to easily form groups and identify partners with whom they can work to better serve their patients

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