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Together, we can do more.

more for our patients. more for each other.

  • After Hours Urgent Care

    Our hope is you and your team can sleep through the night (or take a vacation - gasp!) without needing to take phone calls from families or worrying about your pediatric patients. One of your pediatric colleagues can handle your patient's needs while still maintaining an unwavering commitment to your own relationships. We always route all communication, follow-up care, and ancillary services directly back to you each morning. By meeting families where they are with video-visits from home, we're ensuring they have access to high-quality, low-cost care after hours, regardless of where they live. And by covering your clinic's pediatric call, we can alleviate some of the burnout your team is feeling and let them spend some uninterrupted time with their own family.

    Meet the after-hours team of providers
  • Integrated Behavioral Health

    We partnered with TriWest to better understand the integrated behavioral health landscape in Montana from our peers across the state. Through surveys and interviews, we determined that the overall sentiment in Montana agreed that limited mental health practitioners, the need for more consistent screening and primary care integration, as well as lack of consistent funding, put the largest strain on these resources being developed, and even more - maintained over the long-term. We are now exploring the development of a small integrated behavioral health pilot program to begin tackling what’s largely been identified as one of the greatest needs in our state.

    View the final Integrated behavioral health Landscape Analysis and Best Practices Report
  • Pediatric Support for Indigenous Communities

    We feel incredibly fortunate and humbled by the opportunity to serve several rural and urban indigenous populations across Montana by engaging tribal leadership and embracing existing resources to provide culturally informed and effective care where requested. We have been working closely with the Fort Peck Tribes since 2020, delivering general pediatric care and pediatric subspecialty care in partnership with six local school-based health clinics. More recently, we’ve been invited to work with the Little Shell Tribe, Rocky Boy Tribal Health, and Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center to integrate general pediatric care, nutrition services, and pediatric consultations into their existing clinical services.

    Fort Peck
  • Type 1 Diabetes Education

    We surveyed parents of children with T1D and learned that sending their children to school was a pain point and cause of nervousness for many. So, we partnered with the Diabetes in School Health Program (DiSH), a monthly school health teleconferencing program that began in WI and WA, to build DiSH-MT, a diabetes education program designed by the DiSH team and Montana’s school health personnel. This year, we are hosting eight educational sessions and offering participants CE Contact Hours. We are also on the path toward assisting in updating statewide diabetes management plans, potential diabetes registries and general school staff educational materials in hopes of increasing the overall understanding of pediatric type 1 diabetes in the state.

  • Rural Complex Care Coordination

    In partnership with the University of Montana, we received a five-year HRSA grant to design and deploy a rural complex care coordination program. In the last six months, we: 1) established a Committee Advisory Board Committed of Montana families who have been sharing their personal experiences and thoughts as to how better support families with children with medical complexities, 2) are moving forward with a health equity assessment of the medicaid data the state has provided, and 3) completing multiple family photoshoots to do a better job of representing CMC kiddos and ensuring families feel represented in Montana’s healthcare landscape.

  • Families in Crisis and Transition

    Dedicated care for young mothers and children who are actively in a safe home and in need of additional access to care. Since our after-hours care spans the ages of 0-21, many of these young moms have experienced using our care programs for both themselves and their children. We also provide options for all families for reduced or eliminated billing through financial assistance. Notable parters we’re currently fortunate to partner with include Mountain Home, Missoula’s YWCA, and the Abbie Shelter.