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DiSH-MT Post-Session Survey

Thank you for your participation in DiSH-MT! As we remain committed to growing a program that is valuable and directed by Montana-based school health personnel, your feedback is important to us. Please take a minute to complete the post-session survey below. All answers will remain confidential.


Note: your name will be used only for CEU purposes and will be separated from your answers below.
Are you seeking a CE Credit Hours from this DiSH-MT session?(Required)
If yes, your certificate of completion will be issued via Logan Health.
1 - not at all comfortable2345678910 - extremely comfortable
As a result of participating in this session, do you feel that you have increased your comfort with supporting students with T1D and their mental health?(Required)
1 - not at all likely2345678910 - extremely likely
1 - not at all likely2345678910 - extremely likely